Doubel Combustion Chamber

All Incinerators are Doubel Combustion Chamber with One Fuel Burner Each. After Burner Technology for Completely Combustion and Cleaner World.

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High Temperature Incineration

Temperature Range 800 Degree to 1200 Degree in Combustion Chamber. Temperature Thermocouple Monitor and Controller. High Quality Fire Brick and Refactory Cement.

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There are latest incinerator news like technical, public news, business tender for medical waste incinerator,animal incineration, pet cremation

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Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Regular model incinerator for market with burning rate from 10kgs to 500kgs per hour and we always proposal customer send us their require details, like waste material, local site fuel and power supply, incinerator operation time, etc, so we can proposal right model or custom made with different structure or dimensions.
Incinerator Model YD-100 is a middle scale incineration machine for many different usage: for a middle hospital sickbed below 500 units, for all small or big size family pets (like Alaskan Malamute Dog), for community Municipal Solid Waste Incineration, etc. The primary combustion chamber volume is 1200Liters (1.2m3) and use diesel oil or natural gas fuel burner original from Italy.

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Medical Syringe and Destroyer-Needle Destroyer-Needle Incinerators

1. For clinic,lab, small hospital with low waste output capacity, no condition with other medical waste treatment(Underdeveloped country or area, or emergency situations ).
2. Doctor, nurse treat the syringes, needle, infusion set immediately after use, plug to play, no dispersion risk.
3. melting the syringes needle with 1250Celsius high temperature to metal slag, sterilization immediately. Destroy syringes, infusion set, can not use again.
Medical Needle Incinerator: Melt the needle waste, cut off syring tube with needle, cut off the infusion tube.
Model SYC19, Price: $110usd/set, MOQ: 5 sets.
EXW factory term(donot including shipping cost)
Purchase email:
Qustion1: If request 1-4 set only, how to do?
Answer: We will plus $50-$200usd fee per order.
Qustion2: If request more than 5 sets only, any discount?
Answer: We will  supply discount quotation accordingly.

Burn Rate (Average) 5-10 kg/hour 10-20 kg/hour 20-30 kg/hour 30-50 kg/hour
Feed Capacity(Average) 10kg/feeding 20kg/feeding 40kg/feeding 60kg/feeding
Control Mode PLC Automatic PLC Automatic PLC Automatic PLC Automatic
Combustion Chamber 52L 100L 210L 330L
Internal Dimensions 50x35x30cm 50x50x40cm 65x65x50cm 75x75x60cm
Secondary Chamber 26L 50L 110L 180L
Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Yes Yes Yes
Feed Mode Manual Manual Manual Manual
Voltage 220V 2P 220V 2P 220V 2P 220V 2P
Power 0.5Kw 0.5Kw 0.5Kw 0.5Kw
Burner Type Italy Brand Italy Brand Italy Brand Italy Brand
Oil Consumption (kg/hour) 4 6 8 12
Gas Consumption (m3/hour) 6.2-11.4 6.2-11.4 8-15.7 9.8–20
Temperature Monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temperature Thermometer Corundum Probe Tube Corundum Probe Tube Corundum Probe Tube Corundum Probe Tube
Temperature Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Cooling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic False Alarm  Yes Yes Yes Yes
System Testing Model Yes Yes Yes Yes
Time Setting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Progress Display Bar LCD Display LCD Display LCD Display LCD Display
Oil Tank 200L 200L 200L 200L
Oil Tank Stand 190cm Height 190cm Height 190cm Height 190cm Height
Liquid level Display  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Feeding Door 20x20cm 30x30cm 45x40cm 55x50cm
Chimney 2Meter 3Meter 3Meter 5Meter
Chimney Type Stainless Steel 304  Stainless Steel 304  Stainless Steel 304  Stainless Steel 304 
1st. Chamber Temperature 800–1000 800–1000 800–1000 800–1000
2nd. Chamber Temperature 1000℃-1300℃ 1000℃-1300℃ 1000℃-1300℃ 1000℃-1300℃
Residency Time 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec.
Gross Weight 1000kg 1500kg 2200kg 3000kg
External Dimensions 120x80x110cm 140x90x120cm 160x110x130cm 175x120x140cm

NCV Incinerator NGV Incinerator

What is incineration and why it is useful?
Incineration is also called as combustion. … Important use of incineration is that it reduces volume of 
waste by 20-30% of original volume. This process is also known as thermal treatment where solid waste materials are 
converted by Incinerators into heat, gas, steam and ash.
Do all hospitals have incinerators?
Two common methods of disposing of hospital-generated medical waste include incineration or autoclaving. Incineration is a process that burns medical 
waste in a controlled environment. Some hospitals have on-site incineration technology and equipment available. 
How do hospitals dispose of placentas?
Hospitals treat placentas as medical waste or biohazard material. The newborn placenta is placed in a 
biohazard bag for storage. … Once the hospital is done with the placenta, it is put on a truck with all the 
other medical waste accumulated at the hospital for proper disposal


incineration of sewage sludge
possible solution to get rid of medical waste in oman
irradiation of medical waste
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household waste incinerators in india
explanation on incineration in health centre
ensnertor technician

Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Items/Model TS10(PLC) TS20(PLC) TS30(PLC) TS50(PLC)
Burn Rate (Average) 10-20 kg/hour 20-30 kg/hour 30-50 kg/hour 50-100 kg/hour
Control Mode PLC Auto. PLC Auto. PLC Auto. PLC Auto.
Combustion Chamber 100L 210L 330L 560L
Internal Dimensions 50x50x40cm 65x65x50cm 75x75x60cm 100x80x70cm
Secondary Chamber 50L 110L 180L 280L
Smoke Filter Chamber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber
Feed Mode Manual Manual Manual Manual
Voltage 220V 220V 220V 220V
Power 0.75Kw 0.83Kw 0.99Kw 1.2Kw
Diesel Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Ave.8.4 Ave.10.9 Ave.13.3 Ave.16.9
Natural Gas Consumption (m3n/hour) Ave.10.1 Ave.13 Ave.16 Ave.20.2
Temperature Monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temperature Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Items/Model TS100(PLC) TS150(PLC) TS300(PLC) TS500(PLC)
Burn Rate (Average) 100-150 kg/hour 150-200 kg/hour 300-400 kg/hour 500-600 kg/hour
Control Mode PLC Auto. PLC Auto. PLC Auto. PLC Auto.
Combustion Chamber 1200L 1500L 2000L 3000L
Internal Dimensions 120x100x100cm 150x100x100cm 170x120x100cm 210x120x120cm
Secondary Chamber 600L 750L 1000L 1500L
Smoke Filter Chamber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber Dry Scrubber
Feed Mode Manual Manual Manual Manual
Voltage 220V 220V 220V 220V
Power 1.38Kw 1.69Kw 2.57Kw 4.88Kw
Diesel Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Ave.20.4 Ave.24.2 Ave.33 Ave.44
Natural Gas Consumption (m3n/hour) Ave.24.5 Ave.29 Ave.39.6 Ave.52.8
Temperature Monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temperature Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes

The Contractor shall deploy an expert incinerator operator, fully equipped with all required tools and equipment, to support the client in un-packing, installation, and commissioning of the different sizes of incinerator units. 
The operator will be provided on a day-rate reimbursable basis. The bidder must specify the minimum scope of work in terms of operator working days and travel days. 
Rates for these to be provided on the financial offer form.
All associated fittings and connections to enable full functionality shall be completed by the bidder in line with the manufacturer’s 
instructions; including but not limited to piping, electrical and stack connections, foundations, anchorage to foundations, etc., as applicable
“Handover of the unit
The Contractor shall hand over ownership and control of each size of unit to the client after the first 5 days of supervised operation. 
The handover process shall include a detailed inspection and completion of a checklist and statement of operability.
“Decommissioning, overhaul and repacking of the unit
Based upon a potential need for an incinerator unit to be moved to a new location the contractor will outline the key steps through a 
clear written procedure and direct demonstration by the contracted operator for the decommissioning and repacking of the units, so this can be achieved.


HICLOVER Solution for Fighting COVID-19, with ISO9001/CE Certification.
Medical Waste Incinerator & Auto Roll Air Filter(Air Purification)

Mobile: +86-138139 31455(WhatsApp)


HICLOVER Top Feeding Door Waste Incinerators

HICLOVER Top Feeding Door Waste Incinerators

***Primary Combustion Chamber
***Secondary Combustion Chamber
***Smoke Filter Chamber
***Optional Wet Scrubber System(1 section or  3 sections)

▲Large Feeding Door
▲Better for Animal Waste Cremation
▲HICLOVER Brand Section

Phone: +86-13813931455(whatsapp/wechat)

Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Items Side Loading Door Top Loading Door
Cost Cheap High cost
Manufacture Tech. Easy A litter difficult
Safty safe safer
Incinerator Shape L/ I
Loading manual big door can be by Forklift
Land occupation small big
Ash door same with feeding door or alone alone
market share Most-CHINA/USA/INDIA Few- UK/USA
Dooring open type Manual Pry bar/Hydraulic pressure
Dooring Open size small big
Better for medical bag waste animal waste
open when burning safer, can feed waste, few smoke not safe, cannot feed waste, most smoke

HICLOVER Solution for Fighting COVID-19, Medical Waste Incinerator



Integrated Solid Waste Management System medical waste incinerator

Phone: +86-13813931455(whatsapp/wechat)

Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Capacity: Average 300 kgs per hour





Burning Rate

Average 300 kgs/hour

Feed Capacity

Average 500 kgs/feeding

Primary Combustion Chamber

2400 Liters

Secondary Combustion Chamber

1200 Liters

Mix Combustion Chamber


Smoke Filter Chamber

Wet Scrubber System(3 Section Type)

Feed Mode





12.0 Kw

Fuel Type

Diesel Oil/ Natural Gas/LPG


Italy Original

Oil Consumption (Diesel Oil)

Average 33kg/hour

Gas Consumption (Natural Gas)


Internal Dimensions

220 x 110 x 100cm (primary chamber)

External Dimensions

260 x 220 x 420cm (without chimney/wet scrubber)

Temperature Monitor


Oil Tank Capacity(if oil fuel)

500 Liters

Door Opening

90 x 110cm

Chimney Length

10.0 Meters

Chimney Type

Stainless Steel

Equipment Gross Weight

14000 kgs

Operation Technical Specifications

Primary Chamber Temperature


Secondary Chamber Temperature


Residency Time

2.0 Sec.

Burning Efficiency


Waste Lower Calorific Power


Pathological waste: organs, tissues, surgical specimens, bodily fluids removed during surgery or autopsy. 

HICLOVER Solution for Fighting COVID-19, Medical Waste Incinerator



Melt blown Production Line 400mm and 1600mm and ES Fiber Production Line and N95 Mask Machine and Disposable Mask Machine

1. N95 and Disposable Mask Machine


2. 400mm and 1600mm Melt blown Production Line

3. ES Fiber Production Line




N95 Face Mask Machine Production Line

Melt blown Production Line


A.)Optional Capacity: 1600mm

Efficiency: 95-97%

FOB Term Price: USD per set

Price Valid: 5days.

Ave.60 Days ready for shipping.

In stock Price: USD per set



B.)Optional Capacity: 400mm

Efficiency: 40-50% .

FOB Term Price: USD per set

Price Valid: 5days.

Ave.20 Days ready for shipping.

Payment: TT 70% In advance, TT 30% before leave factory

Shipping: 1*20′ container per set, Ave. 2000Kgs.


Main Parts: Extruder, mold, winder, oven, ultrasonic

Daily Capacity100-150Kgs/24Hours

Screw extruder100-150Kgs

Motor power: 15KW frequency conversion speed regulation
Reducer speed ratio: 1:10 or 1:16
Screw length to diameter ratio: 30: 1
Screw diameter: 50mm
Winding machine diameter:
Winding machine drive motor power: 0.55kw
Speed ratio of winder drive reducer (if any): 1:71
Air heater power: 15kw
Power of vacuum calciner: 12kw
The size of vacuum calciner: 500 × 300 × 200
Ultrasonic power: 1800, frequency 28kHZ
Ultrasonic sink size: 800 × 300 × 250



HICLOVER – Medical Environmental 


Waste Incinerators
Medical Waste Incinerator
Pet Animal Cremation
Solid Waste Incinerator

Tel:  +86-25-8461 0201   
Mobile: +86-13813931455(whatsapp/wechat)
Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.



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